Stop Avoiding Sensory Processing Disorder and Pick It Up!

When I walk into a room, it is hard for people not to notice that I am different from the rest of the twenty-somethings.  With a big black bag full of Sensory Tools in my hand and my nervous tics filling up the dead air space, you can't escape from it.  But instead of facing [...]

Sensory Toys and Sensory Tools for Sensory Processing Disorder- Part 1

Intro: What are Sensory Tools and Sensory Toys? For many people, when they hear the word Sensory Tool or Sensory Toy, they begin to think, "that sounds weird." When in reality Sensory Tools and Toys are simply things that help stimulate or calm the sensations in our brain. Remember, SPD is a communication problem between [...]

I Am Not a “Normal” Kid- Growing Up With Sensory Processing Disorder and Not Knowing It.

The first thing that I said when I found out I had SPD was, "You mean I'm not crazy?!" When I was a child I often thought I was going mad... literally.  Things that seemed normal to other people were completely overwhelming for me because felt like I was under constant attack from all my [...]

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder- I Am Not Crazy?

Picture from Image yourself in a room that is completely empty.  No colors. No sounds. Dim lights.  No one else and nothing else but you. It would be quiet and peaceful, wouldn't it? Now, imagine that someone brought a child into the room who was screaming his guts out.  Then a group of four [...]