How Sensory Processing Disorder Affects Social Interaction

If you have ever interacted in a social situation you understand that there are certain rules about what you say and what you don't say. Most observe the social cues that dictate what is appropriate and what isn't, but what if you were distracted? What if you had a loud rock band blaring into your [...]

Does Sensory Processing Disorder Have a Good Side?

When people look at me and see how much Sensory Processing Disorder effects my life, they see nothing but the bad side of SPD. They see the limitations, the restrictions, and the suffering. Can anything good come from having SPD? Saving a life through my SPD: All of my life I have been known for [...]

I am Weirdiful!- “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful” Book Review

Guessing time! Where do you think I wrote this review?  In a chair, at a desk, on a bed? No, to all those answers.  I am writing this review while laying in a ball pit. Now, that you know the answer, what do you think of me?… do you think I’m weird maybe? Good. That [...]

From the Ashes Comes the Victories- Says the one that was lost.

The lights began to dim and the crowd around me began to take there seats once more.  I too took my seat, clutching my Koosh ball with my hands and my earplugs stuffed in my ears "I can't believe I am here," I kept saying. "I can't believe I am at an Andrew Peterson concert and [...]