Zoom in and Zoom out of Sensory Processing Disorder

Imagine you are in a restaurant and you start feeling nervous, angry, or scared for no apparent reason. What would you do first?      A. Panic?      B. Get really frustrated?      C. Stop and use your zoom button? "WAIT! Stop and use your Zoom button?" Yes, every person with sensory processing [...]

Old Dream, New Victory!

  For the past five years I have had one dream: to create my own album. Through those years I have learned a lesson I will never forget. Dreams take a lot of work to come true! A few years ago I started having very serious health problems. To the point that I wondered if [...]

Adventures in Making a Weighted Blanket!

   The Mission: To make a weighted blanket. Two weeks ago I gave myself a mission: to create a weighted blanket using weighted poly pellets and fabric that I already had around the house. If you are unfamiliar with what weighted blankets are, allow me to explain. Weighted blankets are blankets that are made up [...]

I Am Still Me- I am more than my Sensory Processing Disorder.

This past week I have been wrestling with the thought, "Was I created with Sensory Processing Disorder on purpose, or was it an accident?". The question seemed to always be there, haunting my steps. Until some friends pointed out that I wasn't questioning where my disability came from, I was questioning my value. Am I [...]