I’m Tired, But Can’t Sleep- Sleeping Problems Related To Sensory Processing Disorder

In my post Overload Alert- What it feels like to have a Sensory Processing Disorder overload, I explained how exhausting life with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be. After an overload, or a very long day, those with SPD can be so tired that they can barely keep their eyes open, but they also suffer [...]

Living with fear… living with SPD.

I know I said I was going to post about being tired but struggling to sleep after an overload, but I felt this post was a little more important. Next week I will have that one up, I promise. There are many things in this world to fear. Diseases, emotional or physical harm, war, etc. [...]

Overload Alert!- What it feels like to have a Sensory Processing Disorder overload!

Many "normal" functioning people know little of what it is like to have an SPD overload. So I want to invite you to take a trip with me to Goodwill. Starting at the Beginning (a very good place to start) That morning began like usual. Bathroom prep. Changing into something pretty (or at least comfortable). [...]

8 Ways To Make Phone Calls Less Stressful For Those With Sensory Processing Disorder

Communication for those with sensory processing disorder is hard. Because the world is so overwhelming, it can be hard for our brains to focus on conversations. Sometimes the words aren't enough and we depend on the second part of conversations: body language. What about phone calls? No body language. No facial expression. Limited ability to [...]