I am Weirdiful!- “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful” Book Review

Guessing time! Where do you think I wrote this review?  In a chair, at a desk, on a bed? No, to all those answers.  I am writing this review while laying in a ball pit. Now, that you know the answer, what do you think of me?… do you think I’m weird maybe? Good. That [...]

Stop Avoiding Sensory Processing Disorder and Pick It Up!

When I walk into a room, it is hard for people not to notice that I am different from the rest of the twenty-somethings.  With a big black bag full of Sensory Tools in my hand and my nervous tics filling up the dead air space, you can't escape from it.  But instead of facing [...]

Enjoying Your Food Without a Sensory Fight- Guest Blog On Coming To My Senses

Hello readers. Near the end of last week, I had the pleasure of guest blogging on a fantastic site: Coming To My Senses. Coming To My Senses, created by Rachel Schneider, has been for years the place for adults with Sensory Processing Disorder to find the answers they're looking for. Rachel tells personal stories, information, [...]

Discovering and Accepting My Special Needs

  When I was a child I always knew I was different. I reacted to things quicker than most kids. My life was ruled by what I did or didn't like in everything from clothing to food. But my biggest struggle was against the lies that I am worthless, lazy, and stupid. I saw myself [...]