Christmas Is Coming And My SPD Goes Nuts!

Hey everyone! It's Christmas time once again and everywhere I look I see those with Sensory Processing Disorder going crazy! Why? Because when folks with SPD get stressed, our symptoms come out even more than usual. It's normal! Most people experience stress during the holidays, so it is "normal" for us with SPD to experience [...]

The Blessings of Sensory Processing Disorder- Part One

For those with Sensory Processing Disorder it's hard to look past all the limitations and all the struggles to see the good side of SPD. Is there really a good side to SPD? Can SPD ever be a blessing?- The answer is yes! A while back I posted another article on my first site telling about [...]

The Importance of Sanctuary For Those With Sensory Processing Disorder

No matter how many people I talk to who have Sensory Processing Disorder, they always say something like, "I need a place to relax!" or "When I had a meltdown yesterday, I totally escaped under my weighted blanket." This world is overwhelming. Too often during the day, we with SPD reach the breaking point. When [...]