Always Learning Something New About Sensory Processing Disorder

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Today I learned something new about Sensory Processing Disorder: It is a “stand alone” neurological condition.

I had always thought that SPD had to be connected to another medical condition in order for it to be there, but I was wrong.

Here are the articles that helped me learn this truth:

Kids With Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Show Brain Wiring Differences.

Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis For Sensory Processing Disorder In Kids

This new knowledge just goes to prove a point we all need to learn: There will always be something new for me to learn about Sensory Processing Disorder.

This fact can be both frustrating as well as inspiring.

It’s frustrating because just when you thought you had read the last book, the last article and had filled up your information tank, something new is revealed about SPD that changes everything.

But it’s also inspiring because it is a never ending adventure that opens new worlds to explore about yourself and how SPD effects you.

So how do we keep learning?

1. Don’t be an information hermit:

It’s easy to go it alone and never reach out and connect with others who have SPD. To keep myself from being an information hermit, I connect with other people with SPD through a Facebook Support Group. Through updates from fellow SPD bloggers Facebook pages and many other ways.

(I learned of the above articles through one of my fellow SPD bloggers Facebook Page- Coming To My Senses)

2. Keep reading:

And I don’t mean keep reading this post (or do I?). Keep your eyes and ears open for any new books out in the stores that are about SPD. Sign up to a few SPD blogs (and not just mine). Check out new articles and studies being done on SPD. I know they can be a bit daunting at times with all the technical lingo, but they are worth hacking through all that in order to learn something new (and if you need help understanding them, go to step number 1 and ask around.)

Here are a few blogs I highly recommend for adults with SPD:

Coming To My SensesLearning Quote Blog Pic

Eating Off Plastic

3. Humble yourself…

I have this nasty tendency to think I know everything (and I doubt I’m alone in this). We need to remember we don’t know everything and must constantly humble ourselves in order to learn more.

I was homeschooled as a child and one thing I learned from the experience is that there is never and end to learning.

So go on, learn something new and come back and tell me about it! Sharing what you’ve learned is like sharing love; everyone needs to have both in their lives.

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