8 Fashion Tips for Those with Sensory Processing Disorder.

pink-930902_1280Being fashionable can be hard when you react to certain things like clothing, makeup, nail polish, and other beauty items. Makeup can trigger my SPD into being irritable. Clothing can make me feel like I’m being poked, prodded, and or itchy all the time. And don’t even get me started with perfumes, nail polish, and other triggers in the smell department.

But somehow, despite these draw backs, I think I manage to stay stylish. Below are a few tips that I use in my own life to stay looking nice.

  1. Essential oils- I find that I react to fake scents like perfumes or body mists. But I don’t react to some essential oil smells. I think it is because they are taken from real items. It might be trial and error at first as you figure out what smells work better for your SPD, but there are so many to choose from giving you lots of potential options. I like the Lemon one the best, but Clove is very good too.
  2. Maxi skirts and dresses!- Love Maxi skirts. Made from the softest material, these amazing (and trendy skirts/dresses) are usually made with loose waste bands which make them great for people with SPD. Plus they IMG_0739are usable in the winter and summer, and they are everywhere, which makes finding them a snap! I currently have two in my closet and plan to add more in the future.
  3. Resale shops are your friend- Not just because they are cheaper clothing, but because they are preworn, which means that they have already shrunk and stretched as much as they possibly can. That’s good new for us with SPD, because that means that clothing won’t somehow change it’s feel after the first wash. Plus they are cheap, which means if your SPD starts reacting to it further down the road and you have to give it away, you won’t be giving away a ton of invested money.
  4. Natural makeup- Makeup is still a difficult thing for me, which is why I only wear it on special occasions. But when I do, I always wear natural makeup because it is gentler on my skin making my SPD a little happier.
  5. The joy of Jamberrry Nail wraps-  I adore Nail wraps for two reasons. 1. They have absolutely NO smell and 2. that they are super smooth to the touch. They do take a little getting used to when you first put them on, but I quickly adapted to their feel and I adore that they are super smooth, giving me that extra bit of sensory stimulation. Also, they aren’t very expensive yet look professional. You can apply them in the comfort of your own home, versus having to go to a smelly nail salon. And they make me feel pretty (which for someone who struggles with low self esteem that is a huge plus).
  6. Use a mixture of half Lemon juice half water as a hair spray substitute- I know this sounds strange, but it reallyIMG_8997 works. If you put the mixture in a mister bottle and spray it on the places you want to stay put, the water evaporates and the lemon juice hardens, giving you the help of “hair spray” without the smell. I used this for a special event recently and it worked great! (Note: If exposed to a large amount of sun, the lemon juice may lighten your a hair a bit).
  7. Wear necklaces and earrings that work with your SPD- If you need a lighter necklace or a necklace made out of leather, or earrings that are heavier or lighter- then do it. I love scarfs as a replacement for necklaces and tend to go without necklaces and just wear earrings for everyday fashion.
  8. Work with your natural beauty, not against it- In this culture, there are a lot of people telling you what is or isn’t fashionable entirely based on what they think, not on who you are. I have a different type of body than you do, which means some things will look better on you than me, and visa versa. When ever you are trying to look good, make sure that that is what looks good for you and not what other people are telling you. It’s easy to become discouraged if something you’ve been told is trendy is a trigger for your SPD (like leggings for me). Everyone has their own style and their own look, don’t be afraid to explore and discover what looks and works best for you.

These are just a few tips I have learned over the years. You may find that these tips don’t work for you, and that’s ok. Remember tip 8 and figure out your own tips and tricks in that case.

And whether or not you are styling on the outside, remember: the true beauty should come from within you and who God is making you to be (and no that is not just a cliche, it’s really true).

Stay beautiful and weirdiful everyone!

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