Is It a Sin To Get Angry From a Sensory Processing Disorder Overload?

Many Christians and who deal with Sensory Processing Disorder have asked themselves, "Is it a sin to react to a sensory overload with anger or frustration?"  (Unsure what an Overload is? Click here to learn more) Here's the thoughts that often go through their heads: It just happens too quickly for me to stop it. [...]

Learning to Trust Others With My Sensory Processing Disorder.

I am scared of letting people into my world because I am afraid of how people will respond to my Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). I wonder how people will respond to my noise canceling headphones that I wear in restaurants, or when I cover my ears after their silverware squeaks softly on their plate. I hate [...]

The Blessings of Sensory Processing Disorder- Part One

For those with Sensory Processing Disorder it's hard to look past all the limitations and all the struggles to see the good side of SPD. Is there really a good side to SPD? Can SPD ever be a blessing?- The answer is yes! A while back I posted another article on my first site telling about [...]

I Am Still Me- I am more than my Sensory Processing Disorder.

This past week I have been wrestling with the thought, "Was I created with Sensory Processing Disorder on purpose, or was it an accident?". The question seemed to always be there, haunting my steps. Until some friends pointed out that I wasn't questioning where my disability came from, I was questioning my value. Am I [...]

I am Weirdiful!- “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful” Book Review

Guessing time! Where do you think I wrote this review?  In a chair, at a desk, on a bed? No, to all those answers.  I am writing this review while laying in a ball pit. Now, that you know the answer, what do you think of me?… do you think I’m weird maybe? Good. That [...]

From the Ashes Comes the Victories- Says the one that was lost.

The lights began to dim and the crowd around me began to take there seats once more.  I too took my seat, clutching my Koosh ball with my hands and my earplugs stuffed in my ears "I can't believe I am here," I kept saying. "I can't believe I am at an Andrew Peterson concert and [...]